Senior Linux Systems Administrator

Advanced Shell Scripting ● Systems Architect ● IT Service Delivery ● IT Projects ● Information Security ● Standardization

I am a self-starting, analytical, and detail-oriented professional with an extensive background in UNIX/Linux Systems Administration and LSF high performance computing (HPC) Cluster Administration; and experience in Service Delivery and managing IT projects. A dedicated leader with excellent communication skills and proven success leading diverse individuals and global projects through influence and coordination of geographically disparate teams of diverse IT professionals, process managers, and stakeholders.

Professional Experience

Self-employed, Phoenix, AZ
Freelance IT Consultant

(2022 – Present)

“The IT Guy” / Subject Matter Expert working with clients to understand their business computing and technology needs and recommending, designing, and implementing a technological solution.

Senior Linux Service Delivery Administrator (remote from Phoenix, AZ)

(2019 – 2022)

Coordinated and assigned tasks, monitored progress of project plan implementation, and reported status and results to Service Delivery, IT Management, and domestic and overseas stakeholders from 12 design centers across North America and Canada, and 2 European datacenters. Configured and managed RHEL Linux servers in high performance LSF computing environment at Coppell and coordinated day-to-day support of domestic engineering teams utilizing Coppell and overseas UNIX/Linux LSF environments. Provided user support of Ubuntu Linux workstations.

  • Migrated design workflow from domestic to overseas datacenters 3 times, centralizing efforts of geographically fragmented design teams while providing increased computing resource availability.
    • First consisted of 3 active design projects, 5 maintenance projects, 20+ reference projects, 800+Tb of design data, and 40+ user accounts.
    • Second included 20+ maintenance design projects, 200+Tb of design data, and 13 engineering user accounts.
    • Third involved 1 active design project, 30+ maintenance design projects, 100+Tb of design data, and 9 user accounts.
  • Transferred all remaining design databases, systems, and processes from domestic to overseas datacenters and completed shutdown of domestic design datacenter, reducing regional infrastructure and support requirements.
Linux Service Delivery Administrator (remote from Phoenix, AZ)

(2008 – 2019)

Configured, managed, and ensured availability, connectivity, and throughput of remote RHEL Linux LSF computing resources in Coppell and availability, access, and throughput of European compute clusters for silicon-design teams located across 12 North American design centers. Managed administration of all EDA tools and floating licenses for North America design engineers.

  • Created standardized job submission script, resulting in use at all company design datacenters
  • Received ST Silver Award by migrating and consolidating computing resources, design data, and design efforts from all domestic locations to single central datacenter serving 12 domestic design centers.
  • Developed and implemented scripts, improving job status reporting. Utilized at all company design
  • Tuned resource configuration at all domestic datacenters, increasing job throughput by 20%.
  • Boosted problem identification and resolution speed by automating monitoring and reporting of resource saturation and performance issues at all domestic datacenters.
Lead Unix Systems Administrator (remote from Phoenix, AZ)

(2006 – 2008)

Configured, managed, and guaranteed accessibility and throughput of Solaris UNIX and RHEL Linux LSF systems and storage servers at Coppell datacenter. Assisted with management of EDA design tools and licenses. Coached and mentored Systems Administrators at all North American datacenters, provided 1-stop systems support to silicon-design teams. Monitored and reported all UNIX/Linux computing and storage resource utilization for all North American datacenters.

  • Migrated from non-scalable computing architecture to robust, high-volume, highly available load sharing facility at multiple datacenters, increasing design-job throughput and improving resource utilization at each location.
  • Developed standard implementation of X-Windows emulation via thin-client technology for rollout to all domestic design centers, enhancing overall user experience and reducing support requirements.
  • Created job submission wrapper to assist users with proper submission syntax and criteria, bettering ease of use for silicon-design teams.
  • Coached and mentored Systems Administrators at all domestic datacenters, boosting morale and overall performance of regional support team.
Senior Unix Systems Administrator

(2003 – 2006)

Ensured availability and throughput of UNIX/Linux computing resources for local silicon-design teams. Installed and managed Solaris UNIX and SUSE Linux servers and NetApp storage servers. Monitored and reported all UNIX/Linux computing and storage resource utilization.

Unix Systems Administrator

(2000 – 2003)

Installed and managed local Solaris UNIX servers and workstations, and NetApp storage servers. Monitored and reported all UNIX computing and storage resource utilization.

Additional Relevant Experience

American Express, Phoenix, AZ
  Senior System Administrator
  Senior UNIX Systems Administrator


Military Experience

U.S. NAVY : 5 Years of Service, Petty Officer Second Class, Honorably Discharged


Technical Skills

RedHat Enterprise (RHEL), Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, SuSE, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, AIX, Solaris, Virtulization, VMWare, VirtualBox, Windows & MAC desktops
TCP/IP, LAN, WAN, VPN, Internet connectivity, Wireless networking, DNS, DHCP, NIS, NISplus (NIS+), Internet, firewalls, bastions, gateways, web-proxy
SecureShell (SSH), RDP, FTP, Secure FTP, SCP, RDP, VNC
Veritas, NetBackup
EMC Isilon OneFS, NetApp Data OnTAP, NFS, NAS, Samba
Shells & Languages
Borne (sh), Bash, KSH, CSH, TCSH, Perl, Python, HTML & CSS, Tcl/Tk, PHP, JavaScript
Server Software
Apache, IBM/Platform LSF, platform computing, grid computing, Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, SMTP, POP/IMAP, Dovecot, SpamAssassin, Subversion, SVN, Yum
HP OpenView, ZenOSS, Nagios, IBM Spectrum LSF RTM, Zabbix
MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL
Ticketing & Helpdesk
Remedy, Helix
Project Management
MS Project, MS Teams, MS Excel, MS Visio, MS Powerpoint
Application Systems
Kronos, ADP
Ubuntu desktop, Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365, MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, MS Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint
Information Security, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity planning